Employment Specialist


The duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

Essential Functions:

  1. Assist in gathering and coordinating information relevant to the development of strategies that will meet the individual’s employment related outcomes/goals and objectives.  
  2. Identify obstacles or challenges that may impact service provision and effectively work with team members to carry-out potential remedies.
  3. Identify employment opportunities which match individual interests and abilities by aiding the person in developing a resume, contacting employers and providing them with individual and program information, and completing a Job Analysis with prospective employers.  Document barriers to employment and steps needed to remove barriers.
  4. Assist individual with the employment process by helping with completing application, transporting to and assisting during job interview, and documenting employment contacts in individual's file.
  5. Conduct Community Based Work Assessments as assigned, completing all relevant paperwork.  Formulate recommendations, based on the assessment, for future job development. 
  6. Ensure that the Employment Coordinator is aware of information specific to employment opportunities in the region, including potential job vacancies, business expansions, recruitment activities, and local economic changes that could assist job development efforts being made by NES. 
  7. Actively participate in and contribute to discussions on the marketing of individual skills and streamlining of job searches. 
  8. Assist the individual in the development of work related skills, behaviors and attitudes including tolerance for and motivation to work in order to determine job market potential.
  9. Maintain ongoing communication with funding sources including but not limited to completing documentation and providing feedback when appropriate. 
  10. Actively participate in training at various work sites so that the Employment Specialist is able to perform all job tasks in preparation for providing job training to new employees as required. Verify that previously agreed upon accommodations are in place and communicate any concerns to the Employment Coordinator. 
  11. Participate in required the training for all job tasks at all job locations and adhere to the policies and procedures of each respective employer at all times.  This includes, but is not limited to: schedule, dress code, hygiene, equipment use, and safety protocol.  
  12. Provide proper training, supervision, and feedback to the individual in the completion of his assigned duties to promote independence, success and job retention.  
  13. Encourage the development and use of natural supports within the workplace to promote autonomy and normalization.  
  14. Actively engage with the individual while on the job site to provide modeling and feedback specific to proper conduct and relationships within the workplace.  Promote relationship building, camaraderie, and networking among the individual and his/her co-workers. 
  15. Solicit input from the individual’s supervisory staff when on the job site, at appropriate times, for the purpose of cooperatively assessing progress and levels of support needed on an ongoing basis.  
  16. Communicate potential problems and unusual situations to the Employment Coordinator in a timely manner and maintain appropriate documentation of such matters.  
  17. Maintain high professional and ethical standards by adhering to all agency policies and procedures including confidentiality and attendance.
  18. Attend and actively participate in staff and agency meetings as necessary.
  19. Maintain a personal safe driving record so that The Arc insurance will permit employee to drive agency vehicles, transporting individuals as necessary,  following all vehicle operations/maintenance guidelines and safety procedures.
  20. Ensure the accurate completion of all required documentation including but not limited to mileage sheets, billing reports, timesheets and progress notes with the highest attention to detail. Ensure that documentation is completed in a timely manner.  
  21. Successfully meet assigned deadlines in relation to job duties.
  22. Maintain a positive, cooperative, and professional relationship with individuals, co-workers, supervisors, volunteers, families and outside agencies. 
full-time part-time


  1. Possess a High School Diploma and at least three (3) months previous experience working with individuals with a disability; six (6) months of prior experience is preferred. Sales and business experience will also be considered. Any equivalent amount business/management experience or post-secondary education may be substituted for professional experience with the approval of the CEO. 
  2. Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and demonstrate the ability to get to various employment locations in Centre County.
  3. Must be able to provide/attain transportation to and from work as scheduled and use personal vehicle to transport individuals in the performance of job duties.  The Arc will reimburse the costs associated with the required increase in vehicle insurance coverage (for a single vehicle) when the increase is for this reason.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to maintain a flexible schedule, demonstrated time management, and must be able to respond to diverse physical demands of program schedule.
  5. Obtain a physical examination as required by The Arc’s policies and/or DPW regulations.
  6. Obtain Pennsylvania criminal history check, FBI criminal history check, and Child Abuse clearances in accordance with The Arc’s policies and/or DPW regulations.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of the human service system and community resources.
  8. Demonstrate abilities in salesmanship, marketing to businesses and generating public relations.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  10. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of critical vocational rehabilitation and business information.
  11. Demonstrate the ability to work independently and complete job responsibilities.
  12. Demonstrate professionalism in dress, speech and mannerisms.

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