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As we enter the 70th year in The Arc of Centre County's journey, words cannot express our appreciation to all of those who make The Arc’s advocacy and supports possible day in and day out. We applaud our dedicated professionals, volunteers, board members, and families and, we recognize the privilege of navigating on this voyage alongside of those we support. 

 Despite the pressures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen our hard-working supporters’ step-up to ensure the best for those we serve. We have watched you selflessly and tirelessly work to carry out all of the requirements and best practices necessary to ensure the health and safety of those around you. We have watched you raise funds, volunteer your time and give of your unique talents in impactful ways. And you have done all of this to spread an understanding of the importance of The Arc's mission and to use your voice to advocate for the legislative changes and funding needed to move our cause forward. All that The Arc does is because of you and it plays a key role in ensuring that those we support can live a life of their choosing as an integrated part of their community. 

The Arc is the best place, supported by the most incredible people. The impacts of COVID linger at The Arc and we have accepted that they are likely to be with us for some time. The Arc of Centre County is resilient and we look to come out on the other side of this storm stronger and wiser. Although we cannot know what the future will bring, we know that together we will continue to achieve more. More awareness, more community, more integration and more impact. The Arc’s advocacy efforts and this year’s successes are directly linked to the hard-work of so many individuals.

 In 2022 we challenged ourselves to refocus on The Arc’s Mission, Vision and Core Values, and our leadership. To think not only to think about where we are today, but to think about where we want to be. The Arc has persevered in its work to advocate for community integrated community programming for every person in Pennsylvania. This past year, more than ever before, our successes, challenges, and vision are leading us to even better things in 2023. As we step into our 70th year, we celebrate all of those who have built the foundation of our agency; we are grateful for all of those who have joined us on this journey. And as always, we thank you for continuing to Achieve with Us®.

-Rebekah Cunningham

    Rebekah Cunningham Ceomessage

    Rebekah Cunningham