Licensed Practical Nurse

full-time part-time

Pay Rate: $19-$21

Reportable to the Nursing Supervisor, the Licensed Practical Nurse is responsible for performing selected nursing care acts in the care of individuals with developmental disabilities, under the direction of a licensed professional nurse. The Licensed Practical Nurse will ensure that care is delivered according to The Arc’s policies and procedures, Pennsylvania nursing licensure laws and regulations, and Commonwealth regulations applicable to the assigned programs. This includes directing the participation in nursing care by Direct Support Professionals. The Licensed Practical Nurse provides support, training and supervision to individuals living in residential homes. The overall goal of the Licensed Practical Nurse is to enhance the quality of life of individuals residing in programs operated by The Arc.

Job Duties:

1.Maintain ongoing communication with the Nursing Supervisor and the Director of Nursing concerning health issues, programmatic issues, unusual situations, and potential problems.

2.Collect, report, and document data pertaining to the physical and behavioral health status of each individual.

3.Carry out assigned nursing care regiments and procedures, consistent with the nursing care plan. Regularly, accurately, and thoroughly document nursing care according to agency policies.

4.Contribute to care planning, consistent with the scope of practical nursing.

5.Conduct ongoing evaluation of the individual’s response to nursing interventions and medically prescribed care regimens.  Identify and recommend to the Nursing Supervisor and the DON ways to modify interventions to optimize outcomes for the individual.

6.Communicate nursing care needs and outcomes to other members of the health care team.

7.Use equipment and assistive devices safely and appropriately for the care of the individual.

8.Inventory/order medical supplies and equipment as assigned.

9.Direct the participation in nursing care by the DSP during work shifts.

10.Secure medical evaluations/treatment for individuals as needed, ensuring the accurate completion of related documentation and follow-up.

11.Demonstrate knowledge of and strict adherence to ODP and The Arc Policy and Procedure regarding administration, documentation, and training related to medication and all aspects of nursing care.  

12.Accurately develop, implement and review Individual Support Plans (ISPs) as assigned. Also accurately complete documentation related to goals/outcomes.

13.Transport individuals to various appointments and activities, following all vehicle operations/maintenance guidelines as outlined in The Arc Policy and Procedure.  As needed, assist in the safe loading and unloading of vehicle passengers.  Maintain a personal safe driving record so that The Arc insurance will permit employee to drive agency vehicles.

14.Provide an environment that ensures the health and safety of the individuals; be able to physically assist individuals in an emergency situation.  This includes participation in fire drills as needed.

15.Ensure the home and property is maintained in a clean and safe manner.

16.Ensure the provision of training and supervision to individuals in activities of daily living (i.e. dressing, eating, personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning) and promote independence in these areas.

17.Plan appropriate recreational activities for individuals.

18.Maintain supportive and positive interactions while on duty; encouraging individuals to participate in decision-making and providing the information they need to enable them to make appropriate choices in all areas.

19.Accurately complete filing as assigned and ensure all records are kept locked when not in use.

20.Maintain accurate financial records, receipts, and monies for household and individual accounts.

21.Demonstrate knowledge of and strict adherence to DPW regulations and The Arc Policy and Procedure including, but not limited to, areas of confidentiality, attendance, unusual incidents/incidents, documentation, abuse, and restrictive procedures.

22.Complete household menu and grocery shopping as assigned, involving individuals in these activities.  In accordance with DPW regulations, ensure that all four-food groups are present in at least one meal daily and dietary restrictions are followed and documented.

23.Attend and actively participate in training sessions in accordance with DPW regulations and The Arc Policy and Procedure.  Twenty-four hours of training is required annually.

24.Understand and follow the chain of command as follows:  Nursing Supervisor - Program Specialist/RN - Assistant Executive Director.

25.Maintain a positive and professional relationship with individuals, co-workers, supervisors, volunteers, families, health care professionals, and outside agencies.

26.Report to work on time and complete all shifts as scheduled.  The appropriate process must be utilized to obtain schedule changes/days off.

27.Demonstrate high professional and ethical standards in all aspects of the job.

28.Successfully meet assigned deadlines in relation to job duties.

29.Implement approved behavioral programs and strategies in an accurate and consistent manner.

All related documentation must be completed in an accurate and timely manner.

30.Apply approved safety techniques to control aggressive behavior by individuals as appropriate.

1.Possess and maintain a current Pennsylvania Licensed Practical Nurse license.  At least one year of experience in nursing practice is preferred.

2.Must be physically able to apply manual restraints and other safety techniques needed within the program.  Previous experience working with individuals with behavioral health needs is preferred.

3.Demonstrated ability to work independently and complete job responsibilities.

4.Must be able to work a flexible schedule including early mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, overnight periods, and holidays.

5.Must be 18 years of age or older.

6.Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and be able to transport individuals in The Arc vehicles.

7.Must be able to provide assistance, as needed, in safely loading and unloading vehicle passengers and assist individuals to safety in emergency situations.

8.Obtain a physical examination as required by DPW regulations.

9.Obtain Pennsylvania criminal history check, FBI criminal history check, and child abuse clearances in accordance with DPW regulations.

10.Demonstrated ability to adhere to the required schedule for the job.

11.Be able to provide/obtain transportation to and from work as scheduled.

12.Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate both receptively and expressively, with individuals and co-workers.

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